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Hello my dear friends. Sending you all lots of love and blessings from Arunachala Shiva, the mountain of enlightenment. To all those who surrender to him, Arunchala in the form of the fiery mountain of fire will destroy and shatter their ego, thus eliminating ignorance, arrogance and sufferings caused by maya (illusion) in this temporary life and illusionary world.

Every spiritual seeker enters the spiritual path in a unique way. we would be fortunate if we find friends who believe and share our views while following the spiritual path. Let us be clear from the beginning to the end. I am not going to write much about myself as I am not the subject of the blog and neither are my personal details relevant for this blog.

We will love and celebrate love through the love for Arunachala Shiva. However, to make you all understand the aim of this blog, I shall describe basic fundamentals of my childhood life and the need for this blog.

Life began for me like everyone else. I started running after the world and chasing its attraction for money,fame,power and pleasure. My previous study of religion and philosophy had no answers to any basic fundamental questions to life and truth. But destiny and karma had a different plan for me. One situation carried me to another and finally landed me at the feet of Arunachala.

I must admit, that for me it was the Jnani’s grace that lit the fire of spirituality in me. The truth of the existence of the Hrudayam (right heart – spiritual heart) was proven to me by the touch of a living Jnani in Tiruvannamalai which is very rare. This truth led me to Advaita – Vedanta ( Non – Duality ) and specifically to Sri Ramana Maharshi ’s direct path of Atma-Vichara.( Self Enquiry – Who Am I ? )

Every person is unique and everyone understands spirituality in different ways and angles. But truth is one and that truth is the undiluted teaching of Atma-Vichara,(self enquiry – who am I ? ) as described by Ramana Maharshi. This truth cannot be diluted in any other way.

For many years, I could see that many of my friends traveled to Tiruvannamalai to receive the blessings of Arunachala and to seek answers from the teachings of Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi. Millions of people are pulled like a magnet to Tiruvannamalai due to the blessings of Arunachala, Ramana Maharshi and other true Jnani’s (Enlightened saints) like Bhagavan Laksmana Swamy, due to their good karma in the past lives. I could see that at some point of everyone’s life, they realize that life is full of problems and they start looking for a permanent antidote to their problems.

Yet, I could see that many of my friends getting trapped into the wrong paths of spirituality due to their ignorance, unfamiliar language, wrong interpretations and complicating themselves by allowing themselves to be misguided by false beliefs, rituals, fake traditions, fake holy men and unfit teachers.

This makes it difficult to understand and reach the correct path of true spirituality. But the nobility in the heart’s of my friends to seek the truth is undiminished and hence as a respect to their faith and their love for Arunachala, I wished to simplify, share and spread the message of Arunachala Shiva and Sri Ramana Maharshi without diluting the fundamental truth of the “self”.

This blog will emphasis on the teachings of Ramana Maharshi, Adi Shankara and other Jnani’s who attained enlightenment through self enquiry of who am I ?

My work is only to simplify the truth with a practical view, without the narrowness and hypocrisy of the so called righteous world which is filled with ego,ignorance,arrogance,hypocrisy and which thrives on being judgmental of people being right and wrong.

I would like to clearly state in this blog that I am no teacher nor a master. I am only a friend to all true devotees of Arunachala and to those who seek the truth in their “self” through self enquiry – “who am I ” – to escape Maya (illusions) of the world by enlightening and liberating themselves with the blessings of Arunachala.

I feel grateful that I did not throw away anything that was valuable that was learnt in the other paths that I had travelled in my past. The author has  extracted the fundamentals of them and they will be useful now, as they are essential for following the true spiritual path while seeking enlightenment and liberation.

In my view and experience anyone and everyone is capable to follow the spiritual path and certainly be enlightened by Arunachala. Arunachala is the true father and mother to everyone and he blesses everyone equally. we all have equal merit and qualification to be enlightened in this life.

I kindly request readers to treat me as a friend and a person who is one among you. Spiritually, as I make a sincere effort to seek the self through self enquiry, I realize that the only qualification and merit that I have earned in this path is that I have been blessed by the grace of a living Jnani (Enlightened saint).

Arunachala and the Jnanis have blessed me with everything in abundance and I don’t seek anyhting. I speak the truth shamelessly and I have never been a hypocrite. My heart carries Arunachala at all times. My alliance and allegiance is only with Arunachala. I respect and sympathize with those who do not agree with my writing. But at the same time I do not seek any certification from anyone to convince myself or my friends that I am on the correct path.

It is my wish to share my journey with fellow friends whose love for me flows like a gushing perennial river. I live with my own creative and spiritual potential. I and my friends from all over the world share love, affection, care and kindness, that has no bondage attachments till this day.

Many ignorant and fake people use spirituality for their personal profit and advantages. Many ignorant foreign tourists and devotees of Arunachala are misled by bad people posing as holy men who lure them into their trap by social media, cunning publicity and other tricks.

Friend’s must understand that blessings from Arunachala and the teachings of Ramana Maharshi will guide us to the true god who exists inside us,in our heart as the “self”. This is enough to help you gain devotion and enlighten yourself.

The sole purpose of the blog is to awaken my friends who are in a deep sleep, with their eyes open and dreaming of many illusions that never exist in real. I wish to shower my love on them in my own way by sharing the truth about life and death,as narrated by many enlightened saints. I wish to point out that everything is temporary, unsure and unreal and only Arunachala and the “self” is permanent and real

Everything is uncertain and only death is certain. For those who are spending most of their time and energy in strengthening their financial positions or social status, and if you naively believe that you can sort out all your worldly problems, and secure your life and tie them up in pretty parcels and then finally give attention to your spiritual path, I must say this- “My Dear friends, You will surely realize the truth very late and by this time your body will be diseased and old. Do not forget that death could claim you at any time and there are no guarantees to life”.

So my dear friends, wake up immediately and begin the journey with me and let us reach the goal of enlightenment / liberation together as friends. I finally like to end this blog with the words of Rinpoche  –

No one knows when, or how, death will come. Bubbles form on the surface of the water, but the next instant they are gone; they do not stay. It is just the same with this precious human life that we have managed to find after many births. We take all the time in the world for pleasures before engaging in spiritual practice, but who knows when this life of ours will simply end ?

Be Blessed !

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